Hello! I'm
Jennifer Stegman

I am a wife, mother of two strong girls and child of God.

My husband so lovingly allowed me to live my dream of moving down South from CT

and changed careers from teaching to owning his own construction company in 2016. As we have navigated the twists and turns of marriage we have joked we should have had our own reality show.



Our oldest is in middle school learning to navigate through body changes,

new friendships, loads of homework and bringing home interesting questions weekly!

Our youngest is 8 going on 15.

Always needing to keep up with her big sister she has been talking in sentences since she was 18 months and tying her shoes at 2 ½. I joke that she is the most independent barnacle I have ever met.

Five years ago our home was full of so much sickness.

We had bronchitis, strep, stomach bug, even Lyme disease all non stop for months. My hubby was stricken with anxiety and constant new medications trying to put a bandaid on our health. My husband and I said once and for all "Enough is enough".


Jennifer is the real deal

Jennifer is my go-to person for all my oily questions. She took the time to understand what I was looking for with my family to make those changes in our home. She is easy to converse with and is becoming a great friend of mine.

Jennifer C
Southport, NC


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